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3D+ Skin Rejuvenation Deluxe Package

Outstanding Skin Rejuvenation procedures for most skin types with minimal to no down time or discomfort.


(2) PhotoFacial 560 nm IPL procedures for red and brown dyschromia including poikiloderma include face and neck


(2) Microneedling procedures for acne scarring and fine lines include face, neck & chest

(6) Laser Genesis long pulsed1064 nm Nd:YAG procedures for skin collagen stimulation, fine lines, cobblestone texture, large pores and diffuse redness for face and neck.

(4) Pelleve skin tightening procedures include face and neck. Pellevé procedures go approx. two millimeters into the skin to rejuvenate collagen elastin fibers.

With 3D, we are starting with non-ablative procedures that are appealing in-and-of-themselves by virtue of the skin problems they address (tone, texture and tautness) and the relative ease of which they are addressed (no surgery, anesthesia, or downtime).  By combining them through an artful and scientific way we are able to achieve a visual impact that is hugely satisfying to our patients.

*Package Price $5,799.00 ~ $6,354.00 Value
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