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Think before you tan!

Is the tanning bed calling your name?  Do you have an upcoming vacation, party, family get together, graduation that you’d like to have a little color for?  Most of us feel tempted by the tanning bed at some point during the winter months…but is it worth it? We attended a very interesting training last week put on by the melanoma foundation of New England. The training entitled “skinny on skin” reiterated the dangers of tanning and how to identify suspicious moles. Here are some of the facts we learned at the training- facts that we think you all should know as well!...
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The TRUTH about facials

When was the last time you received a facial? 6 months ago? A year ago? Never? Most people don’t know the true benefits of receiving regular facials from a professional.  In New England especially, facials are thought of as a luxury, something saved only for special occasions or specific skin issues such as breakouts, dry skin, and dark spots. However, many of these skin conditions could be avoided completely with the proper use of products/treatments both at home and by your skin care professional. We like to use the analogy that your at-home skin care regimen is like your diet, you...
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