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Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation treatment utilizes advanced science to promote smooth, evenly toned skin in both women and men. The Laser Genesis system penetrates deep into the dermal (second layer of skin) tissue where collagen (fibrous proteins) are produced to stimulate an increase in new collagen formation. This procedure was designed to stimulate collagen, after years of use, we discovered it does so much more. Laser Genesis treatments help to reduce the appearance of scars, uneven facial textures, rosacea, minor wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne.

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Acne Treatment

What may be expected during a treatment?

Laser Genesis produces a warming sensation during treatment that most patients have reported as pleasant and enjoyable. The warm sensation continues for approximately thirty minutes post-procedure and may sometimes be accompanied by a mild tingling feeling and an immediate sensation of skin tightening.

There is no "down time" or complications with this procedure. 


Your skin will glow after 6 treatments. 

Something you may not have seen in years.

Enjoy !

Treatment of the entire facial area with the Laser Genesis treatment is typically performed in less than one hour.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of Genesis skin rejuvenation treatments required to reach maximum results is determined on a case-by-case basis with each patient. The average number of necessary treatments is four to six with each treatment spaced two weeks apart. Additionally, depending on the diagnosis your attending dermatologist may suggest further treatment programs to be initiated simultaneously with the Laser Genesis treatment.

Smiling Elderly Woman
Smiling Elderly Woman

How long will results last?

The results of Laser Genesis continue to increase after each treatment that is applied with the maximum results typically continuing until after the last treatment, approximately three to six months post-treatment. Practicing daily skin maintenance and a healthy lifestyle substantially contribute to the success of the treatment.  Patients may find that diligently using sunscreen and protective clothing to shield the treated regions of the body assists with maintenance as well.

Who can have this treatment?


Laser Genesis improves the overall appearance of skin in regions such as the face, neck and chest. Laser Genesis effectively reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, acne, acne scaring and rosacea, and may be safely used in conjunction with other dermal treatments such as chemical peels.

This procedure is safe for young & mature skin, as well as most Fitzpatrick skin types

We do not recommend any laser treatment while pregnant

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Treatment Enhancers

Milia Extractions - $25

Anti-aging Mask - $40

Hydration Mask - $40

LED Light Therapy - $20

Pre & Post Care Instructions

Most patients are able to immediately resume daily activities following a Laser Genesis treatment. However, we do not recommend exercise directly after having procedure. Aftercare instructions include a regimen of using sunscreen, monitoring appropriate water consumption and wearing protective clothing.

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